Clipart is a set of designer graphic elements for the formation of a holistic graphic exterior design. Clipart refers to both individual objects and photographs as a whole. It is presented in any graphics format. For work in a graphic editor of the vector type – vector clipart; for raster – the corresponding cliparts. Using clipart, you can create beautiful and original wallpapers for your desktop on your PC. In addition, the use of clip art in the design of various posters takes place. Any webmaster will say that clipart is one of the main tools in their work.

The name of this tool comes from the technology of creating illustrations for wall newspapers and similar independent publications in an era when computers did not exist. Then they used the old “old-fashioned” methods – they cut out pictures from magazines and pasted them on the canvas of any wall newspaper. In the 70s of the last century, the so-called photocomposition began to appear, but these methods were also used for it. True, not so often.

The first time the clipart came out in the early 80s of the last century. Two years later, the laser type of printers began to enter the computer market. From that moment on, a rescue opportunity began to exist on the PC to prepare documentation that had print quality. For clipart, this meant only one thing. There was a demand for clipart libraries. The first vector-type library appears in 1987; it is produced by the notorious T-Maker company. The named library quickly gained popularity and became an example of the industry for the creation of similar libraries. So, ΒΈ after 9 years, the library of the same company comes out, which has more than 500 thousand pictures in its arsenal.

Around the specified time period, Microsoft Word 6.0 attached about 80 pictures in WMF format.

Currently, the libraries in question are sold via the Internet. Usually the pictures are licensed, this type of permission is called “for a non-commercial user.” Interestingly, there is a library called Open Clip Art Library. All the pictures and images on it are defined as public domain.